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Bamboo Terry - Cream

Bamboo Terry - Cream

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Bamboo Nappies

Bamboo Terries

Made in the UK of silky soft creamy bamboo terry, with bound edges, in a choice of Small (50cm approx) or Medium (60cm approx) sizes, these luxuriously absorbent yet slim terry squares are ideal for economy, faster drying than shaped nappies yet are not at all bulky.

Bamboo has hardly any impact on the environment; it thrives naturally without the use of pesticides, and is a sustainable crop. Bamboo fibre has a soft and silky feel, remaining soft on washing even in hard water, is naturally antibacterial and it holds its shape well on washing. As it is more absorbent weight for weight than cotton, these nappies are not as thick as cotton nappies yet are very absorbent, meaning they are not bulky as one would normally associate with cotton terry nappies.

These terries are lovely and silky, our only concern is that due to the soft silkyness they do need holding in place while you fasten a little more than a cotton terry nappy!

Sizes available Small 50cm (approx) ideal for birth (particularly low birth weight) to around 1 year approx, or longer for pad folding or stuffing in pocket nappies. £3.95

Medium 60cm (approx) suitable from birth to 2 years, may also be pad folded as above. £4.50

Care should be taken with bamboo nappies to not wash above 60, or dry on top of a radiator or tumble dry too hot as the fibre will tend to 'cook' a bit and the pile becomes more flat and will loose its ability to be Nappi Nippa'd easily.

Small 50cm £3.95

Medium 60cm £4.50

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