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Biodegradable Liners

Biodegradable Liners

Price: 5.99




Nappy liners are used to catch poo. These excellent value nappy liners allow wet to pass through to the absorbent nappy, whilst retaining solids. Placed inside the nappy next to baby they make dealing with the poo in nappies very easy - use the cleaner end of the liner to wipe the worst off baby and then simply bin and bag, or you can tip the poo away down the toilet first. If your liners are simply wet, these can be washed with the nappies and re-used up to about 3 to 5 times until they disintegrate.

Our liners are made in Europe in packs of 200 (approx size 20 x 19.5cm). You may find with a newborn that you don't need to use a liner since the poo frequently washes off the nappies very easily in the early days. Just pop the nappy straight in the wash, or swill in the flush of the toilet to get the worst off. Particularly with breastfed poo, which is notoriously runny, you will find that a fleece liner is far more effective at poo catching, as the liquidity of the poo will usually soak straight through these flushable liners. Once baby is a bit older, this is when liners become more effective: when you've a bit more substance to deal with!

Pack of 200 Liners £5.99 (rrp £6.50)

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