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Cot'n' Wrap

Cot'n' Wrap


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Cotton Wraps - ideal for sensitive skin

This wrap consists of a layer of polyurethane laminated polyster cotton (the polyester is for stability and to reduce shrinkage), placed with the PUL sides inwards and lined inside with 100% cotton. This means that not only is the outside of the wrap a soft jersey poly cotton, but the inside surface is 100% cotton.

Its natural, soft and gentle next to your baby's skin, however being cotton inside means you'll usually have to change the whole wrap and nappy at each nappy change as the cotton will tend to get wet very easily.

The wrap fastens onto a deep and wide hook and loop fastening band for maximum adjustability with special TouchMate brand fastening that is non-scratch, and has a popper fastening for added security.

Sizing is approximate, you'll probably find for the larger sizes in particular that they will fit for 3-4lb more than the manufacturers recommended weight especially if using over prefolds, as there is a deep Velcro waistband giving good adjustment.

Newborn up to 10lb

Small 0-6 months 10-15lb

Medium 6-12 months 15-20lb

Large 12-18 months 20-30lb

XLarge 18 months+ 30lbs+

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