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Imse Wool Wrap

Imse Wool Wrap



Wraps for Nappies

Key Features

  • Woven natural flannel with two layers between the legs, and leg gussets.
  • Hook and loop fastening with extra popper for added security with older babies.
  • Suitable over fitted and pad folded nappies.
  • Machine wash cool.

A fine, luxurious woven wrap, of top quality 100% wool flannel with gussetted legs with gentle elastication giving a snug fit. This wrap has the same elasticated waist and wide and deep front furry side of the hook and loop fastening panel as all Imse wraps, ensuring flexibility of fit, and is perhaps a good wrap to choose if you're wanting a similar fit and style to most polyurethane laminated wraps. May be hand or machine washed on cold, it does shrink if the water is too hot! A lanolin/Wool Cure treatment is recommemded every few washes to retain the waterproof properties. Although it is the one of the most expensive wraps in this catalogue, it is without doubt very well made, and will certainly last a long time.

The larger wraps, from Medium, have the addition of a two-position popper closure at the leg, making it more difficult for toddlers to undo. Again with all Imse wraps, this wrap comes in several sizes and the adjustable design means that you will not always need to purchase each size.

Available in Newborn 6.5-13lb(3-6kg) plus five sizes Small 11-17lb (5-8kg), Medium 15-22lb (7-10kg), Large 20-26lb (9-12kg), XLarge 24-31lb (11-14kg), SLarge 28lb+ (13kg+)

Hand wash or machine wash at 30 degrees, hang to dry.

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