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Reduced to Clear - old style Imse Vimse Training Pants

Reduced to Clear - old style Imse Vimse Training Pants

Price: 8.00


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Potty Training/Bedwetting

Reduced Price Now only £8

A soft, comfortable trainer pant with cotton terry inside, knitted cotton outer and a breathable polyurethane laminate waterproof layer between the two. Looks and feels very similar to ordinary pants, but thicker. These are thicker than the Bright Bots trainer pants and thus are more absorbent. Again like the Bright Bots, these are designed to cope with small accidents they are not nappies, and they should be changed in reasonable time after an accident in them as they are cotton on the outside and eventually the moisture will spread. Available in white or choice of print, in 4 sizes, these trainer pants have softly elasticated legs and waist.

Please note that as we only keep low stocks of these we may substitute if the print/white is out of stock unless you let us know in the further information box on checkout.

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