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Bright Bots

Bright Bots

Price: 17.99


Terries and Muslins

SALE RRP £19.99, our price £17.99

Brightly coloured terry squares, 60cm approx, now available in a choice of bright colourways. Nice quality 100% cotton terry, these also make great changing mat covers, burp cloths, towels as well as funky nappies - best worn in hot weather pinned without a cover for full effect. Wash at 40 or 60, tumble dry hot. As these are deep colours, you do have to wash separately or with like colours for the first 3 or 4 washes minimum, usually 6-8 washes to remove excess colouring before washing at 60 with the rest of your terries. Do test the colour is fast before washing with your favourites, or use a colour catcher (available in most supermarkets)!

Wraps are needed, Suggested wraps include Prorap, Bummis for pad folding; Motherease Rikki, Imse Soft or Organic,Nature Babies or Tots wrap for folding traditionally and a hook and loop fastening wrap to fasten, as long as you secure on with pins or a Nappi Nippa you could also use a looser fitting wrap such as Bummis Pull On Pants or Motherease AirFlow wrap. Can be folded and stuffed into pocket nappies too.

Available in a pack of 6 as shown

Original colours: red, blue, green. yellow, orange and purple.

Pinks & purples:purple, lilac, pink, lime, turquoise and yellow

Navy & Blues: navy, blue, turquoise, green, red, orange

Pack of 6 - 19.50

Weight each nappy approx 135g

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