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Disana Organic Brushed Flannelette Cloth

Disana Organic Brushed Flannelette Cloth


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Disana Organic Tie On

aka Disana Hush Cloth

Made of a lovely soft brushed organic flannelette, these 40cm square (approx) single layer cloths are ideal for adding extra absorbency to the Disana Tie On or any nappy needing extra absorbtion, or pad folded for small babies.

The larger approx 80cm size is for extra absorbtion such as night time, or can be folded traditionally and secured with a Nappi Nippa or pins, or pad folded as you would a terry to be used as a nappy on its own - a popular option on the Continent and similar are used in New Zealand apparently. Very versatile, but be warned they are quite big! May also be used as a blanket or changing mat.

40cm £2.65

80cm £5.75

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