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Disana Organic Shaped Nappy

Disana Organic Shaped Nappy


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Disana Organic Fitted Nappy

This good value 100% certified Organic cotton nappy is made of a soft brushed cotton flannelette. It is a good fit for containment, and looks very trim when on, although it will need boosting for heavier wetters. As it is available in three sizes, you may not necessarily need the largest size for early slim potty trainers, and the size 2 may be put on inside out and the top folded down all the way round so the Velcro hook and loop fastening will do up as normal, to make it small enough to use from birth. Likewise, the smallest size is useable as a preemie nappy by putting on inside out and folding the top over outwards before doing up. You can easily add extra absorbency to make this nappy suitable for longer periods and overnight.


Size 1 to fit from birth to 4-6 months approx £7

Size 2 to fit from 4-6 months to 2 years approx £8

Size 3 to fit 18m+ £8.90

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