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FuzziBunz One Size

FuzziBunz® One Size


One Size



The FuzziBunz One Size popper fastening pocket nappy adjusts by means of elastic with slots and a button (like maternitywear elastic) at both the waist and leg. This means it is very adjustable and can fit babies with fat thighs and skinny waists or vice versa far better than your average one size that merely adjusts by poppes on the front. The one-size FuzziBunz is supplied with two microfibre inserts, one medium and one large. You can thus use one, or the other, or both to suit the varying absorbency you need for your baby.


One Size, adjusts by means of adjustable elastic at legs and waist, to fit approx 7-35lb (3.5-16kg)

Colours Available: assorted

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