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Huggle XLarge

Huggle XLarge

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Huggle XL


Toddler and Night Time Nappies

Made in the Scottish Islands by Minki, this appropriately named nappy gives the impression of a thick fluffy and cuddly nappy - and this nappy is just that. Made from very thick 100% Egyptian cotton with a long loop pile, this is a thick and luxurious feeling nappy that washes well and remains relatively soft. This is a thick and quite bulky nappy - but for that you do get very good absorbency, an ideal night nappy. The Huggle has good elastication at the waist and legs giving a neat fit and good containment. Huggles fasten with a row of poppers on the front, and are available in a random selection of mainly pastel colours. I would guess the fabric is actually the same as used in the manufacture of high quality bath towels, and thus if you think of the range of colours available in towels those are the sorts of colours of the Huggle.

This nappy is a pouched nappy - the inside of the nappy is lined with cream polyester fleece to keep baby's skin dry, and there is a fold out flap to aid drying speed accessed through a slit in the fleece at the rear of the nappy. Should you need to, you could add boosting in this pouch, although they are so absorbent the majority will not need to do this. This nappy, being extremely absorbent and with the option of adding extra padding, plus the fleece stay-dry liner makes this nappy a good overnight choice although very bulky for daytime.

Wash at 60, can be tumble dried. I should warn you the Huggle is one of the slowest drying nappies, and takes a very very long time to dry without a drier, perhaps up to 2 days. The colours are colourfast after the first couple of washes, for some of the darker or brighter colours I'd suggest after perhaps 4 or 5 washes.

Colours are assorted, we get a random selection each time we order and thus we offer a choice of any colour, assorted colour without pinks/peach/lilac or assorted colour without blues to assit your choices. If there are any particular colours you may wish to have (if we have them) or avoid please comment in the further information box on checkout.

Size: XLarge 30lb+ (13.5kg+)

A wrap is needed for these nappies. Suggested wraps: Rikki, Popo, AirFlow, Vento, any Pull on Pants. Ideal with fleece or wool wraps for overnight.

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