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Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One

Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One

Price: 13.95



Itti Bitti Snap in One D'Lish

Key Features

  • Customisable absorbency to suit your baby
  • Incredibly silky and softer outer in fabulous colours so your baby always looks great
  • Choice of natural or man-made fibres
  • Quick drying time and ultra convenient use
  • Fantastic super trim itti bitti fit with no coompromise on absorbency
  • Choice of colours

The Itti Bitti D'Lish Snap In One features the super trim trim Itti Bitti styling - absorbency without bulk. People that try this nappy often comment how amazed they are at the fact they are really slim fitting but they're also very thirsty nappies too, able to last a good 3-4 hours for most babies. They're also very stylish with the range of colours on offer able to co-ordinate with any outfit.

The D'Lish doesn't require a separate cover as the outer 'shell' is a super silky soft laminated Minkee fabric - a short pile velour with a waterproof PUL backing, in a choice of wonderful rainbow colours. This 'shell' is lined inside with soft polyester suedecloth, and fastens with a series of poppers with a generous overlap of the tabs for slimmer babies. As the poppers are covered by microfleece inside the nappy, the Itti Bitti won't leave popper marks on your baby's skin. The whole of the outer is non absorbent, meaning it is very quick to dry.

The D'Lish has a pair of super absorbent snap in bamboo/organic cotton knit soaker pads inside. One is slim slightly hourglass shaped and topped with polyester microfleece to wick the moisture away, the other is larger - a flat rectangle that folds into 3 giving 6 layers of absorbency, so together that gives 8 layers of absorbency, so you can see that this is a very thirsty nappy despite its slimness! The bamboo/organic cotton knit stays relatively soft in hard water (being a knit fabric) but as the soaker pads each attach only at one end of the Itti Bitti nappy you can choose which one to put on top of the other and thus whether to have microfleece or knit bamboo/cotton next to your baby's skin. As the pads un-popper from the body of the nappy, and the larger one unfolds, this aids drying time. For those that think this might look confusing - don't worry the manufacturer has thoughtfully colour coded the poppers so that you can easily re-assemble. Extra/spare pads are available separately. This pad system also keeps down the cost of this nappy system, since the pad sets are considerably cheaper than the whole nappy, you can buy extra pad sets for your outers, and change the inner pad sets as required, re-using the outer when it isn't soiled or too wet.

Should you need extra absorbency, you can add an Itti Bitti snap on mini-boosters (available separately), which poppers underneath the hour glass shaped pad, giving 3 extra layers of bamboo/organic cotton right where you need it in the middle of the nappy. These boosters are a little slimmer than the hourglass pad, so they add absorbency without bulk at the sides (minimising the risk of leaks). They are cleverly colour coded again so you know exactly where they go and can even be snapped with a single snap and folded towards the front for greater boosting versatility - handy for boys and tummy sleepers. Most babies will be fine with the standard absorbency, but for those big wetters that need a little extra to last the distance and for times you think the nappy may be on longer than normal, the mini boosters are fantastic. Best thing is that they will usually stay on during the wash, so you don't need to worry about snapping them back on after every wash - you may want to unsnap on one side to aid drying time however. Itti Bitti snap on mini boosters come in bamboo or microfibre so you can choose natural or man-made fibres.

Snug fitting and incredibly neat yet surprisingly absorbent these cute little nappies really do fit as slim as a disposable (a common complaint about washable nappies is that they can be bulky), and thus are perfect for under clothes that don't usually go over cloth bums.

The Itti Bitti D'Lish is high cut at the front, and slim at the crotch for freedom of movement and comfort.

Three sizes:

Small to fit from approx 8-16lb ( 3.5-7.5kg)

Medium will fit from approx (14-27lb max*) 6.5-12.5 kg

waist approx 32cm-50cm

Large will fit from approx 23-37lb (10.5kg-17kg)

waist approx 36cm-54cm

*Please Note These are low rise nappies, so if your baby is above 20lb (9kg) and you prefer a higher rise, you may find the large a better fit. If in doubt it's usually best to go for the larger size. If you have any questions on sizing please ask

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