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MicroDiddy by Nature Babies

MicroDiddy by Nature Babies



MicroDiddy Diaper as a one size nappy

An even quicker drying alternative to the Diddy Diaper. Made of white microfibre terry, this nappy is absorbent, yet dries relatively quickly (exact speed depends on efficiency of your washing machine's spin !). Lined with two layers of soft (white) cotton jersey (as in Tshirts) for comfort (the microfibre can be a little tacky and scratchy) - it remains soft even in hard water. Without fastenings for use with a Nappi Nippa, available in 2 sizes as the Diddy Diaper.

The smaller size is ideal for a first nappy, or for small/premature babies where a non-bulky nappy is needed. It can be easily reduced in height by folding the front over outwards to make a smaller nappy for premature/small babies (or twins), and fits up to about 18lb (max). To fit from birth to somewhere between 3-9 months or 13-18lb depending on build, this nappy has quite lengthy tabs at the waist, so will expand to fit a fairly wide girth (the tabs are longer than the Bimble), but unlike the Diddy Diaper there is no shrinkage.The second size fits up to about 35lb and may also be reduced in height by folding down the front to fit from birth if required albeit a little bulky.

It is elasticated at waist and thigh and fastens neatly with Nappi Nippas to give good containment and a trim fit.

Made in the UK, the cotton jersey fabric is also manufactured in the UK.

Suggested wraps for pre-term/lightweight babies include newborn So Simple Snap, XS Rikki, XS Popo, for all other babies So Simple Snap, Rikki, Air Flow, Popo, Vento, Nature Babies, any pull on pant.

MicroDiddy Size 1 £7.99

MicroDiddy Size 2 £7.99

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