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Potty Training/Bedwetting

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The Minki Yoyo has been designed as a fun, versatile pull up trainer pant/night time pant, to which you add your own padding for absorbency to suit. It has stretchy Lycra at the sides enabling it to be pulled up by your child as well as poppers (should a messy accident occur it makes them easier to remove). The fleece inner pouch can be stuffed to the required thickness for the amount you child wees - a little for daytime use when almost toilet trained or fully stuffed for a big night-time wee.

You can stuff your Yoyo with a variety of things to make it as slim or as absorbent as you choose and you can change the level of absorbency depending on your requirements, so it's an ideal choice as a trainer pant as you can start off with lots of absorbency (eg a prefold) and then reduce it as required perhaps just to a booster pad or two for the odd mini accident, but also pad it out a lot as a night nappy once toilet trained by day. This means you should get a lot of use out of this nappy.

Sizing is approximate and fairly generous, there is some overlap between the two sizes. Please note that the sizing is NOT the same as other Minki products, and if your child is slimmer than average for age you may find you need to go down on the sizing :

Large Minki Yoyo - 18 months to 3 years 12.50

XL Minki Yoyo - 3 to 7 years 14.50 (40lb/18kg+)

NB You will need to purchase your padding for absorbency seperately eg prefolds

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