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Motherease Bedwetter Pants

Motherease Bedwetter Pants

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Toddler and Night Time Nappies

Our most popular night time product for older toddlers.

Made of the same stretch terry inner and polyurethane lamiante outer as their nappies and wraps, these ultra-thick one-piece pull on pants also have a sewn in flap that is only attached at the ends to aid drying, which is slow anyway due to the thickness of this product. Designed to stem quite a large wee such as one might encounter at night, these pants come in larger sizes that will fit from toddler up to around 5-6 years depending on build. These pants are ideal for those small children that have regular accidents at night. Boosters can be added for extra absorbency if required. Suggested quantity 2-3 to allow for drying.

Sorry we can only sell Mother-ease products within UK/Ireland.

Machine washable at 60, may be tumble dried

Available in three sizes, white only:

XSmall 30-40lb / 13.5-18kg 19.25

Small 40-55lb / 18-25kg 20.25

Medium 55-65lb /25-30kg 21.25

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