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Nature Babies Stuffables One Size V2

Nature Babies Stuffables One Size V2


One Size Stuffable


V2 One Size Nature Babies Stuffables

Made in Leicestershire UK, the revised design v2 Stuffable One Size is now trimmer fitting for a smaller baby, yet has the height of rise needed for a toddler. The styling is now similar to the Bumgenius, being neater at the waist and thus less bulky for a newborn, but still has plenty of height for older babies. When combined with the slim new bamboo and microfibre Slimma Stuffs insert (supplied with this nappy as well as a microfibre insert), this gives a much trimmer nappy than the previous version with no compromise on absorbency. Additionally this nappy is made in a wide variety of colour and print choices.

The Stuffables popper down on the front with a row of 3 poppers giving 3 height adjustments to suit the size of your baby. There is good elastication at the waist, and the tabs overlap to cover a wide range of sizes, The popper fastening version has poppers at the waist and at the thigh for independent adjustment. The Stuffables have leg gussets to give a flat fit through the crotch, meaning this isn't too bulky a pocket nappy even allowing for the size adjustment.

As with all one size products there is a compromise on fit at either end of the spectrum, and we suggest to use from birth as a wrap over a muslin folded round your baby and secured with a Nappi Nippa and with one microinsert inside the muslin for extra padding if needed to give 2 barriers at the leg to give best containment. Then, once your baby's legs have got a bit chubbier (usually about 9-10lb (4kg or so) it will work fine as a pocket nappy.

Sized to fit from birth (7lb, 3.5kg) to about 35lb (16kg), and available in a choice of Aplix hook and loop fastening or poppers.

Stuffables are supplied complete with two inserts, one microfibre, the other a Slimma Stuffs - a long pad comprising 2 sections of bamboo for good absorbency and exceptional slimness either end of a microfibre section for speedy absorption and quicker drying.

These are available in a wide range of colours and prints. Includes 1 x Slimma Stuffs (bamboo/micriofibre insert) and 1 x Microfibre insert

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