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Money Saving Nappies

These 'Industrial' prefolds are made in Pakistan or China from woven cotton. They are thicker than many small prefolds available in this country, being 4 layers and the centre panel 8 layers thick. Once washed they will shrink a little and fluff up to give a waffled appearance, and become very absorbent. They are very hard wearing (they are used by nappy laundry services) and will last several babies.

The Small size will suit from birth to approx 15lb, and thereafter can be used as an additional booster layer, ideal at nights. Aqua stitching 44cm x 33cm (18" x 13") approx (unwashed - will shrink a little on washing)

The Regular is of the same construction as the Small, but larger and is thus very absorbent. This size will suit from approx15lb to between 28-35lb (7-16kg) depending on build. Blue stitching 56cm x 37cm (22" x 15") approx (unwashed - will shrink a little on washing)

Toddler size fits from about 27lb to about 35lb, being that bit larger all round for bigger babies/toddlers, and also good for heavier wetters. 60cm x 44cm (24" x 18") approx (unwashed - wll shrink a little on washing)

Folding instructions with every purchase.Unlike the instructions on the main brands of prefold nappy advertised heavily and sold on the High Street, we suggest to wrap the prefold around your baby and fasten with a Nappi Nippa. This will provide good containment within the nappy itself, and mean less soiling on to the wrap, making prefolds a reliable yet economical choice.

Wash at 40 or 60ºC or 95ºC, tumble dry on hot.

A WRAP is needed with this nappy. Suggested wraps include Prorap, Bummis Super Whisper & Bummis Brite, Nature Babies Classic, and Motherease Rikki. Also ideal for stuffing Fuzzi Bunz and other pocket nappies.

Small Single 1.80, Pack of 6 9.99
Regular Single 2.20, Pack of 6 12.99
Toddler Single 2.50, Pack of 6 14.99

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