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Suggested example quantity 20 small + 15 large + 4 wraps per size. XL may be required as well as or instead of Large, depending on child.

The Sandys nappies are of short loop cotton pile terry nappy, with multi position side popper fastenings at waist and thigh allows for a good fit and adjustability. This Canadian nappy is made of 85% cotton knitted stretch terry towelling with 15% polyester (in the base weave of the fabric for longevity and reduction of shrinkage, the pile being cotton, so that is next to your baby's skin). Also available in Organic Cotton or soft silky Bamboo (85% Bamboo 15% polyester)

This nappy is elasticised all round the waist and legs to ensure a good fit. Wash at 40- 60ºC and tumble dry on hot. Line drying is medium/slow due to the extra padding between the legs, which makes this a nice absorbent nappy. However the nice thing about the Sandys is that it is just in one piece and usually doesn't require faffing with boosters or attached foldout bits of nappy other than if you need to add boosters for nights as required. The popper fastenings are good at resisting small fingers where velcro doesn't! You may find that the sizing on these is on the small side, and it may be possible to entirely by-pass the L size by progressing directly from Small to XLarge as the XL ('Toddle-ease' ) will usually fit from about 22-24lb (particularly chunkier babies). The newborn XS size is suitable for small or premature babies, particularly those of skinny build: the majority of babies will not need this size. Available in Natural in all sizes, the Small and Large are also availble in White. Please note we sometimes have low stocks of white as they are much less popular but can usually get more in just a few days if you need them.

Wraps are required. Suggested wraps include the Mother-ease Rikki, Popo, Imse Soft, or Air FLow, Nature Babies (popper) wraps, or any pull on pants.

XSmall 6-12lb (2.75-5.5kg) Unbleached 7.75, Bamboo 8.75 Organic 9.25
Small 8-20lb (3.6-9kg)7.95, Bamboo 9.75 Organic 10.00
Large18-35lb (8-16kg) 8.25 Bamboo 11.25 Organic 10.00
(XLarge) Toddlerease 35lb+ (16kg+) but may well fit from 22-24lb to 40lb chunkier built Unbleached 9.45, Bamboo 11.50 Organic 11.95

Sorry we can only sell Mother-ease products within UK.

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